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Senior Moments

Blah, blah, blog….

By September 8, 2022No Comments

It’s September already? The Back to School rush is over. Flowers are fading and turning brown. We’re not yet into the full swing of autumn pumpkin spice. It’s the late summer blahs. So, what now?

Plenty! These are the days you can get those summer clothes tucked away and get out your sweaters and jackets. It’s time to gather the fall decorations and trade out the red, white, and blue for the oranges and browns of autumn. And while you’re at it, isn’t it time to weed out some of the overstock?

According to Kendal at Oberlin, fall is a good time to downsize seasonal decorations, winter coats (how many does a person really need?), and all of the following:

  1. Old magazines
  2. Plastic storage containers without a lid
  3. Socks without a match
  4. Half-empty bottles of hair products, makeup, etc.
  5. Cheeky coffee mugs

Now is the time to take those extra coats to a donation center or homeless shelter; purge the decor (probably into the trash); recycle magazines and plastic storage containers that you no longer use; and face the reality that the lost socks are not going to be found, the hair product you thought would work miracles just won’t, and the coffee mug that your co-worker thought was funny really isn’t! Kendal subscribes to the Marie Kondo method for eliminating those items that no longer (or never did) spark joy.

And, yes, we’ve heard it all before:

“But, my daughter can fix that broken toaster.”

“Those are good Ball jars for canning. I haven’t been able to do that for years, but they’re still good jars.”

“I always keep these good boxes for wrapping presents.”

“Really, I plan to lose those last 15 pounds and this is a really cute swimsuit cover.”

“No, I don’t bake anymore, but my grandmother gave me this muffin pan when I got married. And yes, I DO need all of these 14 liquid measuring cups.”

If any of these sound familiar to you, it might be time that you brought in the professionals (aka Golden Bridges) to help you with objectivity and lend a non-sentimental perspective. Our staff is trained to recognize items that might have monetary value and help you get them to the right place(s). We can also help you find solutions for preserving photos and videos without needing to rent a storage unit. We will take your donations out the same day, and repack the things you are keeping so they are easily accessible and organized for when you need them.

So… not blah, but begin! It’s your move. Golden Bridges can help!

Susan Scholz, Partner

Golden Bridges