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How many unfinished projects did you find when you pulled out the Christmas holiday decorations this year?


Here’s my list

  • QCT t-shirts for making a quilt
  • Beer can coozies for making a quilt (seriously, I have so many advertising coozies I could make a king sized quilt)
  • Hotel room key cards for doing a mosaic of… whatever (there are some really cool colors and designs on them)
  • Pictures of my adult kids with Santa for a collage
  • Neckties to make into pillows or weave around a lampshade
  • Old photo slides to create a lampshade
  • QCT playbills for a display

Ah, Pinterest, you mock me with your great ideas and beautiful pictures!


When I googled “unfinished projects”, I got this litany of words that follow it (in order): ADHD, website, for sale, meme, and crossword. And that’s before scrolling up. Arrggghhh! 


Did you know that there’s even an unfinished projects syndrome? According to, “Fear of turning personal projects, which are supposed to provide rejuvenation, into “another work project” seems to slow our creative roll. The project becomes another deadline, but one that you can blow off without “consequences” because you’d only be letting down yourself, after all, if you don’t finish.”


Project enthusiasm is energizing, but it can also be troublesome if it leads to clutter. Additude suggests the following strategies to deal with unfinished projects and saving of “someday” clutter.

  • Practice just-in-time knowledge and materials
  • Make a date to start and stick to it
  • Avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) on participating in the latest craft craze


So, if you are also a project procrastinator, how do you SOAR? Well, to start with, Pinterest has 190 entries for craft room organizing ideas. Ha! You mock me again, Pinterest! But the best advice is to get some shelves, totes, boxes, cubbies, or other visual storage system that reminds you what you have and the plans you had for creating with it. Print that picture from Pinterest and tape it to the outside of the container. This time of year is a good time to shop for those, and January is even better.


Now, mark your 2022 calendar with the deadlines for completing those projects! And if your 2022 calendar is too full already… then it’s time for Project Jettison.


Either way, if you don’t think you have it in you to complete the organizing or jettisoning on your own, we can do that for you. Got clutter? Get Clean! Estimates are free. Call 888-922-6368.


It’s your move, Golden Bridges can help!

Susan Scholz, Partner

Golden Bridges