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I have a question for someone out there who’s in the hospitality industry. Do hotels upgrade their toilet paper on weekends? 

Recently I spent six nights on the road. Four of those were consecutive in one hotel. This was a pretty upscale hotel, mind you. So much so that the restroom in the lobby (next to the restaurant) required a magnetic room key to unlock the door.

My first night was a middle of the week Wednesday. I noted that the toilet paper in the room was not of the quality expected for the price of the room. Yes, it was 2-ply. You could tell because the tear lines did not match up. But both plys were less than paper thin.

On Saturday afternoon (when I discovered that locked restroom door off the lobby), I noted that the toilet paper quality was definitely a higher grade in the downstairs restroom than it was in my bathroom upstairs. Because I had not been in my room since morning I assumed that this was logistical… placed there for the restaurant clientele. However, when I returned to my room, after a nice dinner out, I was pleased to find the higher quality toilet paper had magically appeared there too.

Not that I’m complaining. It was a pleasant discovery. But it did make me wonder. Also noted was the fact that the extra roll was wrapped differently from the one that had been there on Wednesday. So… the question remains. I am convinced that hotels do, indeed, upgrade the toilet paper on weekends. But if there’s someone out there who can shed some “insider” light on the tissue, I mean issue, I would be grateful. 

And why, you ask, am I blogging about this on a Senior & Specialty Move Management website blog? Simply because I know that I am not the only one who thinks about this topic. In doing some additional research, I learned that according to Wirecutter, “{t}he average American uses an astounding 141 rolls of toilet paper in a year”. CLICK HERE to read the full article. 

And, yes, the quality (and contents) of your toilet paper can affect your health – both “down there” and your overall well being. In fact, the consensus seems to be that organic, non-lint, unbleached paper is the best. The brand for that is WHOLEROLL, who gives us their top 10 reasons why:

  1. 100% organic is great for the skin
  2. Super soft, absorbent and strong
  3. Compact size and convenient handle (on multi-roll package)
  4. One for one commitment (they plant a tree for every package purchased)
  5. Long-term sustainable solution
  6. Tree free product
  7. Chlorine-free
  8. BPA-free
  9. Safe for septic tank
  10. Longer tissue sheets (¼” longer than average retail sheet)

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

In fact, everyone from This Old House to amazon are weighing in on how to select the best toilet paper for your household.

CLICK HERE for This Old House article.

CLICK HERE for Amazon.

The moral of the story: Use the Good Stuff! And while you’re at it, that doesn’t just apply to your toilet paper. Use the good china. Use the good wine glasses to drink the good wine. Use the good linens (even when you’re not having company). Use the best ingredients you can find – even in your weeknight menus. And use a Senior & Specialty Move Manager when it’s time to organize, downsize, or relocate.


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