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Senior Move Managers

City-scape. Green-scape. Cloud-scape.

By October 29, 2014September 2nd, 2015No Comments

Viewed from “street level”, all of these can look chaotic and frightening. But rise above it – as I did recently on a flight to the east coast – and they become more two-dimensional. It becomes easier to see the “organization” of tall buildings and streets, trees and streams, fluffy billowy clouds and long cirrus ones. Individual items become easier to see – and to sort.

A city-scape at street level can be confusing. Tall buildings block your view. Sidewalks sometimes stop without warning – or are blocked by construction and repair equipment. Street signs are missing, or not consistent. Navigating at street level can be frustrating.

As you move beyond city streets into the green-scape, roads are now marked with large street numbers that make sense only to those who need to use them (emergency personnel). The familiar colloquial names we grew up with are not used, and what we knew as “The Holler” becomes 153rd Street.

Even clouds when viewed from the ground can look ominous – is it the long, stratus cloud that carries the rain or the tall cumulonimbus? And when they all blend together to create a dense cloud cover can you even tell which is which?

Apply the same perspective to a move-scape. When you are in your home staring at all that has to be packed, sorted, and then resettled into a new home it is overwhelming! But, view it from a higher level or different angle and it becomes easier, less chaotic.

That is how Certified Senior Move Managers can see the chaos and clutter of a move as organization and order. Let’s take a look from 3,000 feet…

At that height a cityscape becomes a grid of streets and buildings. Traffic moves in organized patterns. People emerge from buildings and move naturally into the flow of pedestrians as if pre-programmed on their path.

From high above, the hill that blocked your view of the river ahead melts and levels out to reveal fields, fences, forest, and Fore! (yes, golf courses are very easy to spot from above).

And clouds – well, there’s nothing I love more than watching the wings of a plane slice through altocumulus, cirrus, nimbostratus… and yes, even those frightening cumulonimbus clouds.

So – as you sit and ponder what to do with all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the last 30, 40, or 50 years living in your home and you become overwhelmed and defeated… take to the air(waves) and call Golden Bridges. We are here to give you the view from another perspective. At our level, what we see is: Organization and order… A smooth flight… Full speed ahead… We’ve got this!

And your view becomes… peace of mind!