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“Mom, I saw a sign for Calhoun peaches today. Remember when you always watched for those signs so you could make pies?”

No reply.

“Remember, Mom? Dad always wanted cinnamon and sugar on the top, but I wanted ice cream.”

A look of confusion.

“You remember, Mom!”

A look of frustration and/or fear.

“Mom, you know what I’m talking about.”

Mom decides it is time to go back to her room and the visit is over.

Have you ever experienced this or a similar conversation with your loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or another dementia disease? Experts say that a better way to start this conversation is, “Mom, it’s Calhoun peach season again.” Let her process that statement and wait for her response. Maybe she will remember when she made peach pie. Maybe she will talk about when she was a child and picked peaches in an orchard or her backyard. Maybe she will change the subject altogether. It’s fine. Who cares if she remembers that time you’re thinking of? The important thing is being together (with or without the peaches conversation).

June is the month for recognizing those with Alzheimer’s and bringing attention to their (and their caregivers’) struggles. At Golden Bridges, we are observing the month by blogging and posting on our social media some tips for dealing with the disease and its devastating effects.

The Alzheimer’s Association has some great posts this month too. Check out ten ways to love your brain  CLICK HERE

Big Think posted about music and Alzheimer’s patients.

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And, courtesy of WTOP, some alarming statistics about the rate of diagnosis… “Every 65 seconds, someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s disease…”

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If you have a loved one who struggles with dementia, there are some simple things you can do to make them more comfortable in your (or their) home. Check out these tips and more.


And, if these seem overwhelming, get help.

  • Attend a caregiver support group
  • Get more education from the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Talk to their physician about the issues facing them
  • Call Golden Bridges for a free consultation on making the home safe for them, or moving them to a safer living situation.


Happy Calhoun peaches season!