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Blogging is a creative endeavor. I am a creative person. Senior Move Management (SMM) is a creative industry. Even though SMM is 20 years old, we use creativity and innovation each time we are on the job.

Sorting for our clients is “like being the curator for the museum of their lives”. This profound statement was shared by a member of our staff at a recent training meeting. Warren “Woody” Woodward has worked with us for nearly 5 years. He has a heart for helping people, and a passion for green business practices. The latter quality makes it challenging for Woody to throw anything away. Thus he uses innovation and creativity in recycling almost anything that a client would be downsizing. We have learned from him that creative recycling can be exciting and rewarding.

Here are a few examples:

  • Take old greeting cards to local nursing homes to make into place mats.
  • Towels, blankets, and pillows to local animal shelters.
  • Grandmother’s linens (think lace doilies) into a piece of art.

What is in the “museum of your life” that could be shared with the world, your family, your neighbor, or a local charity? At Golden Bridges we will use our creativity and innovation to find the best possible use and new life for those items.

Susan Scholz, Co-Owner

Golden Bridges, Inc.